Nootropics: Initial Research and Protocol

by Dan Walsh

I’ve been doing some research on nootropics (cognitive enhancers). It’s interesting, and exciting – and a little scary. I mess around with my body a lot, but I’m squeamish about putting chemicals in my brain. Still, I thought I’d dip my toe and try a light (and super safe) protocol to see if I felt any changes.

My Starter Protocol:

  • Choline Bitartrate: 500mg twice daily
  • B-1: 600mg twice daily

I started this protocol two days ago. I can subjectively say that I’ve had instances of incredible clear thinking, like when the sun peaks through on a cloudy day. My overall mental fog has substantially burned off since switching to the bulletproof diet, which is high in choline, but it feels like there has been an extra effect since introducing choline and B-1 supplements.


I’m not sure how to test the effectiveness of these supplements yet. I suppose I could take IQ tests on a regular basis. Tracking my N-back progress could yield insights as well. Dave Asprey said he counted how many games of Freecell he could finish in 10 minutes. That’s creative. Bottom line, I’ll have to find a way to remove the subjectivity and potential placebo affect so that I can get real results. Somebody, somewhere must have already developed these tests. I just have to find them.

Protocol Improvements:

  • Choline Bitartrate should be upgraded to Choline Citrate. It’s a little more expensive, but supposed to be over two times as effective.
  • B-1 should maybe be upgraded to sulbutiamine, which is a more brain-friendly version of B-1. I am a little squeamish on this one, however.
  • Add Piracetam to the mix. Choline and B-1 are more on the supplement end of the spectrum. Piracetam is well on the nootropic side. I’m excited to add this to the protocol, as it should yield the best results, but Amazon reviews of popular suppliers make me worry about finding a quality source for the stuff. So far, it seems might be my best bet.



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