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The Candid Imbalance of Dan Walsh

Project Post Partem

I’m tapped.

I feel mentally drained. I just finished my 30 day writing sprint and launched a project that has consumed me for the past 2 weeks. It feels great! It feels like accomplishment and achievement. But I’m running on empty at this point. I have pages of topics to write about, but I can’t muster the strength. This kind of sounds like depression, but it’s not. Like I said, I feel good. I still care. This is something else.

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Maximize the City – Part 2


An attempt to squeeze every cent of value from my exorbitant San Francisco rent.

This post is the second half of Maximize the City – Part 1. In part 1, I briefly put forth that the main benefit of living in a city is opportunity. The increased cost of living is a fee for the amenities of city life, but if those amenities aren’t being used then the extra money is a waste. It’s kind of like living in an expensive luxury condo and not using the concierge, laundry service, or state-of-the-art gym. I worry that I am not taking advantage of all the city has to offer – that I’m not getting my money’s worth. I enjoy living in San Francisco, however, so instead of looking for dwellings in the burbs, I’d rather maximize the opportunities available to me. I identified 10 areas of opportunity in part 1: food, night life, culture, transportation, social interactions, services, events, professional networking, career choices, and serendipity. I defined and decided on action items for the first five opportunities in part 1. I’ll do the same for the last five in this post.

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