9 Step Marketing Strategy

by Dan Walsh

I have adapted this strategy from a presentation at General Assembly by Justin Williams. ┬áIt’s a great framework for building a marketing strategy, and a fun exercise.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

What is the specific business objective you want to accomplish?

Step 2: Define Your KPI’s

How will you measure success? What amount of success is expected? What amount will determine success?

Step 3: Pick Your Targets

Specifically, who do you want to see your campaign? How many different segments will be reached by this campaign?

Step 4: Define the Call To Action

What is the specific action you want targets to take as a result of the campaign?

Step 5: Pick Your Channels

Through what channels will you distribute your marketing message? Ask yourself, “Where do my targets hangout?”

Step 6: Create Your Message

What message will most effectively drive your chosen targets to take your desired action on the channels you’ve chosen?

Step 7: Define Your Timeline and Budget

How long will you run? How much will you spend? If you hit your budget cap before your timeline is fulfilled, will you continue running? Pace yourself accordingly.

Step 8: Launch!

Do it already.

Step 9: Measure, Adjust, Repeat

How did the campaign perform? Did you meet your objective from Step 1? Identify what worked, and what didn’t work?