How Far is a Day?

by Dan Walsh

If I wanted to visualize a timeline of my life, how long should it be? I don’t know when I will die, so my future should disappear into the horizon. But what about my past? I’m almost 30 now. How long is a 30-year timeline?

For a person of average height, the earth curves away out of view after only three miles. That means from sunrise to sunset, a day is 6 miles long. That makes a year 2,136 miles long, and 30 years is 64,080 miles. I can’t visualize that in my head, accept that it’s 2.57 times the circumference of Earth. I know the math isn’t right, but if ┬árelative to my human perspective the sun can only go 6 miles in a day, then that’s a respectable distance for me.

How far is a day?

6 miles.