Nootropics: Protocol 2 + Piracetam

by Dan Walsh


October 27th, 2012

Krill Oil

20g 90% Cacao Dark Chocolate

1g Piracetam

Vit B2



October 30th


Krill Oil

1g piracetam


Vit B2


2g piracetam


Vit B2


November 1st

Upped Piracetam to 2g per serving


November 2nd

Piracetam up to 3g, one serving?


November 5th?

Piracetam 4g morning dose, no afternoon


November 14th

Added 2nd piracetam dose, one time only, 1g in the evening. Vivid dreams, though might be coincidence.


November 15th

CoQ10 addition in the morning… need dosage.

Added B1 back to mix

Waiting to add b6 and Green Tea complex

Pircacetam getting low


November 19th

Added 100mg B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) (morning and afternoon)

Added 1G Green Tea complex to afternoon dose (445 mg polyphenols, 250 mg EGCG, 306mg.. tea?)



I find that I more frequently get a feeling of euphoria… sort of like chills

Since starting with Choline supplementation, seems like I can smell better.