Why I Love Marketing

by Dan Walsh

The noun, verb, and profession of marketing is a quagmire of foggy emotional connotations and buzzwords that smell like swamp gas.



Market Saturation!

360 Campaign!




I love marketing. 

From the outside looking in, marketing seems like a bunch of self-aggrandizing, manipulative bullshit. From the inside, it’s a glorious wonderland of friendly feedback loops, dopamine highs, and mystical rubik’s cubes that spill their secrets like a genie from a lamp. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to playing a videogame in real life.

At its core, marketing is about making a business grow. Usually the stated goal is revenue, but the intrinsic goal is always¬†success. And that’s why I love marketing. In all actuality, it is a discipline exclusively focused on learning how to succeed.

If a good product isn’t selling, marketing can fix that. If a product sucks, good marketing can fix that too.

Not enough clean water in Africa? Charity Water markets the problem away with viral birthday parties.

Obama wants to get elected?Perform market research and relentlessly optimize campaign targeting and landing pages to create a fundraising powerhouse.

Can’t get a date? Segment the population by psychographics then refine your messaging and branding until you hit the product/market fit and hello hockey stick growth!

The marketing mindset can be applied to all aspects of life to make them better. After all, everyone is “in business” somehow.