2014 Goals

by Dan Walsh

Pythons, Pigs, and Posters.

Whew! It’s that time again. I don’t specifically like “New Year’s Resolutions” but I do think the beginning of the year is a good time to look ahead at the coming 12 months. However, I don’t like creating vague promises to myself. I also dislike creating overly specific plans without taking a crack at the subject first. Something like “Rock climb 4 mornings per week and win a climbing competition,” is wishful thinking. What if I don’t like rock climbing? What if evenings are better? Maybe rock climbing competitions are boring! There’s no need to ignorantly lock myself in like that.

I prefer instead to assess my current interests and determine which curiosities are worth pursuing. My goals are more of a compass bearing and less like detailed driving instructions. I am free to wander in the general direction and trust that I’ll get somewhere worthwhile. I even afford myself the option to drop those items I’m no longer interested in or pickup new goals as they present themselves.

The following list is a collection of large projects, shorter projects, and some stuff to simply try or research. Almost all of these are outcome independent, and instead focus on execution. The larger projects might last all year, while the smaller projects could take as little as a day. The time commitment roughly correlates to my known level of interest and familiarity with the topic.

EM3 Project: Launch 50 new products, roughly one per week

The Kazushi: Write one post per day

TangentsAndDistractions.com: Increase post frequency to one per day by end of year

Conduit Project: Build a robust social and professional network

Try to sell a product from EM3

Conduct 200+ interviews regarding friendship

Share more hobbies with Angelica

Travel abroad (Iceland?)

30 Days of French

30 Days of 1-mile morning runs

30 Days of Python practice

Try Crossfit for one month

Read 52 books

Go feral pig hunting

Consider returning to Judo or Jui Jitsu

Try “Domain Prospecting” project

Launch Shambhala posters on Kickstarter

Take harmonica lessons

Wheat paste a poster

Try writing some really wild fiction

Look into Lasik

Create more art. It can be anything, as long as I go nuts and express myself