by Dan Walsh


Surrender the day.

I have this picture of Daredevil as my phone background right now. It’s the cover to a comic book. He looks utterly exhausted, beat up… and satisfied. His mask is off and he’s relaxing in a chair. I imagine he’s listening to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and revisiting the hardships and victories of the day. Maybe he had a major victory, like against an arch-villain, or maybe he just stopped a small time mugger. Either way, he looks content. Like he left it all on the table and the effort was worth it.

Of course, there’s always more crime to fight, but he’s done for tonight. He pushed himself to the limit. He did everything he could do and he knows it. He just got home and he’s mustering his last ½ ounce of strength to climb into the shower and brush his teeth before collapsing into bed and repeating the cycle all over again tomorrow.

This is how want to feel every night. I want to be utterly exhausted and satisfied with my efforts. I want to know that the world is as good right now as I could make it. I can’t fulfill all my ambitions in a single day. I know that. There’s always more work to do tomorrow – more challenges to face. There always will be. I want to crash into bed and say “ok, done for the day” before surrendering to sleep.


Maybe it’s silly to take inspiration from a superhero. Maybe not. Strip away the comic book cover trappings, like the title and barcode, and we have a painting of a human. Like me. He could be anyone. He just got home from an emotionally rewarding day on the job and hasn’t even gotten out of his work clothes yet.

Lately, I feel this way at the end of most days. It wasn’t always like this. I’m glad it is now. It feels good.