Crowdsourcing Logo Designs on Fiverr

by Dan Walsh

4 Logo Concepts for $20

If my coffee roasting hobby ever goes anywhere, I already have a name picked out: Lazarus Coffee. And since names need symbols – and because it was easy – I paid a few designers $5 each on to come up with some quick logos. Maybe distributed thinking would surface an awesome solution!I got this idea from Scott Britton’s post about creating an ebook:

If you’re like me, I’ve found the best thing to do is to give multiple low-cost designers on sites like examples of work you like and see what they come up with. This [way] you’ll get a bunch of ideas and help you hone in on one concept to really create something excellent.

Here was my brief:

Name: Lazarus Coffee
No tagline.
Description: Coffee roasting company.
Target audience: High end coffee consumers and health conscious shoppers.
No color preference.

Logo Samples:

Here’s what they made:LazarusCoffeeLCdpwalshVD81M0adpwalshVD37M0aMeh.

None of these are great. In fact, they’re all fairly cliche. But to be fair, I never told them NOT to use an image of a coffee bean, even though it’s soooooooo obvious. :)

Bonus points to the last logo for the hidden mug silhouette. The real purpose of this experiment was to crowdsource ideas for a logo. By putting four different brains on the job I thought I’d come up with four wildly different concepts. But since all of these designers worked independently of each other, they (almost) all jumped for the cliche (and easy to draw) coffee bean graphic.

In the end, I really only have two ideas to choose from: all text, or something with a coffee bean. So this was kind of a bust. Something more abstract – like Scott’s book cover – might have better results.

The Real Value of Fiverr Designers

Honestly, if I didn’t HAVE a logo for a project, Fiverr would be a pretty good way to get one made on the cheap and save a bunch of time on my end. 15 minutes writing the logo brief is roughly equal to at least 2 hours of my time designing something in Adobe Illustrator. So that’s good leverage. And even though the concepts in these logos are kind of played out and generic, the execution is solid enough to be usable.

Paying $20 to figure out what I definitely DON’T want might be money well spent too. I definitely DON’T want a coffee bean in my logo. I DON’T want seals and banner motifs. All good to know.

Of the 4, the 2nd logo comes closest to the modern vibe I didn’t realize I was seeking. That’s also worthwhile to know. If I was launching a list-building / email collection page for an MVP product, this Fiverr method would be a good option.