The Shoebox Protocol


Results From a 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

My 30-day shoebox experiment ended on December 10th. This post has been in limbo since that day.┬áThe unexpected luxury of this delay is that I’ve had almost 4 weeks to contemplate my little experiment and the ripples it created in my head. In short, throwing all the ideas that suck up my cognitive bandwidth into a shoebox and forgetting about them for a month was a liberating experience.

I expected to tear open that box after 30 days and dump out all my long lost treasures. But by the end, I didn’t really care what was in there. Even now, over a month later, I still haven’t riffled through it. The physical act of writing down and boxing up these projects and ideas helped take them off my mind. And now that my mental and emotional ties have been severed, I feel liberated from the obligations placed on me by my former self.

Here’s how it all went down and the specific lessons I learned.

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