About Me

Popular wisdom says that a blog needs to be something. That it should
target a specific audience, only discuss a  niche range of
topics, make adequate use of SEO, and that it’s relative success is
measured in pageviews, subscribers, and AdSense revenue.

Blah blah blah…

I’ve done that before and it’s boring.

The Kazushi is a place for me to record my meditations, personal
experiments, and marketing insights. I measure the
success of this blog by the number and quality of posts. I can’t promise all posts will be polished or spell-checkd.

I do hope, however, that those who seriptitiously find their way here
will find my musings and insights valuable. But who really cares.

Kazushi means to unbalance one’s opponent.


I also work on TangentsAndDistractions.com