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Actually Saving Money

The Difference Between Getting Ahead and Not Falling Behind.

I cashed out all my frequent flier miles a few months ago to buy a $700 ticket home to Wisconsin. It was an unexpectedly expensive ticket, and I was proud of myself for having enough points to get it essentially for free (taxes and fees apply). I saved $700 and felt good about myself for doing so.

But something about that $700 nagged at me during the trip. Where did that money go? In my heart I felt like I saved it, but in my head I couldn’t account for the extra $700. It didn’t end up in my savings account, or my investment account. My pockets weren’t lined with crisp new $100 bills! So what gives?

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Procrastinating Boogeymen: How Everything I Don’t Know Holds Me Back


I used to play the trumpet as a kid, and I miss the feeling that comes from creating music. I harbor a little fascination for the harmonica and added “learn to play harmonica” to my list of goals a few years ago. That goal finally bubbled to the surface last year but I never “got around” to acting on it. I resolved to make it happen this year, though I didn’t know where to begin. Then the universe literally gave me a sign. Someone posted “HARMONICA LESSONS” fliers on all the lamp posts in my neighborhood. Thanks universe!  I dutifully tore off a tab with the instructor’s phone number and stuck it in my pocket.

It stayed in my pocket for 3 months. I would find it every other week or so and say, “Man, I should really get on this.” But I never did. This was something I genuinely wanted to do, but I wasn’t doing it. I had even promised it to myself as a reward for finishing up the marketing class I was teaching.

Why was I dragging my feet?

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Developing a Finish Habit

Everyone has little fears and personality traits that hold them back. Even the president. Even the pope. Even Richard Branson. I don’t know what their personal hurdles were, but I know I used to procrastinate a lot. I also used to avoid situations that were uncomfortable – like learning how to swim. These are both great ways to avoid ever accomplishing anything meaningful. I spent a large part of the last two years trying to overcome these habits, and overall I’d say it was time well spent. Time to move onto the next bad habit! But what is it?

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Running in the Morning

Another lesson in choosing the appropriate time for each action.

Running in the morning is an excellent way to start the day. The streets are quiet. The air is fresh. It wakes up my mind. Starting the day with an accomplishment sets a productive tone for the rest of my day. And, kind of like doing your homework Friday evening instead of waiting until Sunday night, I don’t have it hanging over my head. It feels great. Too bad I hate running in the morning.

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