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Procrastinating Boogeymen: How Everything I Don’t Know Holds Me Back


I used to play the trumpet as a kid, and I miss the feeling that comes from creating music. I harbor a little fascination for the harmonica and added “learn to play harmonica” to my list of goals a few years ago. That goal finally bubbled to the surface last year but I never “got around” to acting on it. I resolved to make it happen this year, though I didn’t know where to begin. Then the universe literally gave me a sign. Someone posted “HARMONICA LESSONS” fliers on all the lamp posts in my neighborhood. Thanks universe!  I dutifully tore off a tab with the instructor’s phone number and stuck it in my pocket.

It stayed in my pocket for 3 months. I would find it every other week or so and say, “Man, I should really get on this.” But I never did. This was something I genuinely wanted to do, but I wasn’t doing it. I had even promised it to myself as a reward for finishing up the marketing class I was teaching.

Why was I dragging my feet?

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Theanine and Caffeine – 50 Cent Smart Drugs

Extra brain power for only 50 cents a day.

Theanine and caffeine are a potent nootropic combination. It’s also one of the cheapest and safest options on the market. I started experimenting with it in September and it has quickly become one of my favorite brain-boosting supplements. And because theanine only costs about .50 cents per day, I’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen. What the hell is this miracle pill? Read the rest of this entry »

Faster Fluency with Journal Word Clouds

It is vitally important to reduce the time it takes to become self-expressive when learning a foreign language. I have been haphazardly trying to resurrect my French recently and have been studying the top 100, 250, and 500 most frequently used words in French. Theoretically, these should get me 80% of the way to fluency, but these aren’t the words that I use. Because they aren’t my words, they are less useful for self expression. How should I resolve this? What words do I use the most? Read the rest of this entry »

Nootropics: Protocol 2 + Piracetam


October 27th, 2012

Krill Oil

20g 90% Cacao Dark Chocolate

1g Piracetam

Vit B2



October 30th


Krill Oil

1g piracetam


Vit B2


2g piracetam


Vit B2


November 1st

Upped Piracetam to 2g per serving


November 2nd

Piracetam up to 3g, one serving?


November 5th?

Piracetam 4g morning dose, no afternoon


November 14th

Added 2nd piracetam dose, one time only, 1g in the evening. Vivid dreams, though might be coincidence.


November 15th

CoQ10 addition in the morning… need dosage.

Added B1 back to mix

Waiting to add b6 and Green Tea complex

Pircacetam getting low


November 19th

Added 100mg B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) (morning and afternoon)

Added 1G Green Tea complex to afternoon dose (445 mg polyphenols, 250 mg EGCG, 306mg.. tea?)



I find that I more frequently get a feeling of euphoria… sort of like chills

Since starting with Choline supplementation, seems like I can smell better.

Nootropics: Initial Research and Protocol

I’ve been doing some research on nootropics (cognitive enhancers). It’s interesting, and exciting – and a little scary. I mess around with my body a lot, but I’m squeamish about putting chemicals in my brain. Still, I thought I’d dip my toe and try a light (and super safe) protocol to see if I felt any changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Mental Models

I’ve been reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack when I have spare time. It’s a large, ponderous tome written by Charles Munger – Warren Buffet’s other half. Charles has constantly been cited as having phenomenal decision making skills.  His almanac is filled with his wisdom, and the process he uses to create mental models, which he uses for rapid decision making. It’s the type of book I  have to put down at least every other page to really let the content sink in. There’s so much.

Charles uses the main one or two principles from disparate fields to use as the basis for each mental model. He then combines these models in various ways to think about a given situation. It’s genius – so I’ve started to pull together the guiding principles from fields of which I’m familiar.

Graphic Design: Justify. Justify everything. Why is this red? It must have a reason. Why did I spend money this way? There must be a reason. If it can’t be justified, then it was a weak decision.

Search Engine Marketing: Test all assumptions / I don’t know anything. The perfect ad, landing page, or decision never works the way I think it will once the world can interact with it. Let the world in, then make decisions based on data.

(more research)

Search Engine Marketing: Many small, incremental changes make a huge impact. Sometimes changing a keyword bid from 50 cents to 45 cents can mean an extra $100 in monthly profits. Multiple this by 100 changes…

Structural Engineering / Software Engineering: Redundancy. There must always be a backup support. Whether it’s a bridge or the server for a website, or a photocopy of my passport. The initial cost is annoying, but the potential cost is crippling.

Molecular Biology: It’s difficult to discern how a single variable can effect a complex system. Use triangulation to determine behavior and outcome.

I’ll continue to add to this…