The Kazushi

The Candid Imbalance of Dan Walsh

The Bullet Factor


Reduce drag, go further.

If a bullet and an umbrella were both shot from a gun, one of them would go a hell of a lot farther. Why is this?

A bullet has almost zero drag compared to an umbrella. My big project has been closer to an umbrella than a bullet. I haven’t wanted to limit my options – my potential opportunities – but I’ve created a lot of drag by trying to be everything to everyone.

I needed to become a bullet.

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Crowdsourcing Logo Designs on Fiverr

4 Logo Concepts for $20

If my coffee roasting hobby ever goes anywhere, I already have a name picked out: Lazarus Coffee. And since names need symbols – and because it was easy – I paid a few designers $5 each on to come up with some quick logos. Maybe distributed thinking would surface an awesome solution! Read the rest of this entry »

Durigan’s Law


I’ll admit it. I’m always a little jealous of researchers who get accolades for “discovering” obvious theories, laws, or rules. Of course, there’s often a lot of work involved in proving the obvious things in life, but still…

So I’m going to lay one down right now. I’m calling it “Durigan’s Law”. It’s a result of my subjective experience and objective studies in marketing and behavioral psychology.

It states:

The likelihood of a desired action is correlated to the cognitive distance between stimulus and response.

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The 30 Day Mental Cleanse


Like a time capsule for my sanity.

Once again I find myself in a position with far too many demands on my time and attention. It’s my own fault. I put myself here. After years of blissful productivity on a few focused projects, I forgot my lesson and started piling them on again.


I have one giant project that must succeed. If I am realistic with myself, this project will consume me. It will require more than 100% of my efforts. Yet I have over a dozen projects that are in various stages of completion. Some are simply ideas that steal attention and thought cycles. Others have much of my time and money invested in them already. I don’t want to, but I must break ties with these projects.

But how?

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The Supreme Inner Workings of Motivation


How plans, progress, and rewards work together to create or destroy motivation.

My productivity plummeted over the last few months. My motivation has been completely shot and I don’t really want to do anything but play Shadow Of Mordor or Destiny. Even my morning writing session, which used to be such an integral part of my day, have felt like a daunting waste of time. They used to be the reason I sprang out of bed in the morning. Now I pat myself on the back if I only hit snooze three times. This time last year was the beginning of the single most productive, clear-headed time of my life. I wrote Further Exploration of Learning Levels exactly 12 months ago. It was one of my first entries during my 30 posts in 30 days challenge. I feel like I’m backsliding.

It’s like I was in a personal renaissance and now I’m in the dark ages.

What happened?

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You Deserve A Donut


How to NOT sell one of the easiest things on earth.

I walked past two high schoolers this morning on my way to the office. They were at my subway stop, slinging Krispy Kremes to raise money for their school.

“Twelve donuts for 10 dollars…”

“Help us raise money for our high school…”

Everyone walked right past them, just like me. I wanted to coach them.

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Roasting My Own Coffee


Down the rabbit hole.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love good coffee. This wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t set out to become a coffee snob. It just sort of happened. My mind naturally wanders towards optimizing processes, so when I started brewing my own coffee I discovered fertile ground for experimentation. Now that I’m here on the other side I can’t go back. I’d rather have no coffee than bad coffee.

Brewing coffee at home to get it just right is one thing. But of course, I had to take it a step further. I started roasting too. My first attempt was a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked. There are so many variables to tweak and get right! So much learning and experimentation! Despite my joy at finding a new craft to bend my mind around, I can’t help but feel like I’m tumbling down a rabbit hole on this one. It might be awhile before Alice wakes up. :)

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Action & Thinking Triggers

How to prevent over-thinking and under-performing.

I think I’ve discovered something profound. So profound it’s almost obvious – like an overlooked universal truth. For much of my life I’ve been a thinker, a planner, a dreamer. I used to talk talk talk about my ideas, make lists, and strategize, but I was weak on execution. At some point I realized this, and with much effort uprooted many of my former habits so that I could become a doer. I thought being heavily action oriented would lead me to success. I dove headfirst into ambitious projects and made excellent progress on all of them. But they all eventually came to a halt. It’s much easier to start a bunch of fires then it is to tend them all.

I thought ACTION was the secret formula, but it wasn’t. Something was still missing. I realize now that missing element was everything good that came along with overthinking a project… Damnit! Which one is it!?

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Should I Write A Better Headline?

A process for saving time and mental energy.

“Should I Write A Better Headline?”

I ask myself this question every time I get ready to publish a new post. I oscillate between wanting a great headline and wanting to pull the trigger. I think, “Maybe what I have is good enough and I should just post.” After all, perfect is the enemy of done.  I usually deliberate for a few minutes. Type out a fresh headline. Delete it. Think. Type another one. Delete it. Reread my post for some juicy words or a new angle. Think. Write another headline. Then delete it and put the original back in place because I just want to be done. It’s a waste of time.

I’ve discovered a better method.

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The Dark Side Comes First


Human brains are really good at using a new-found advantage to exploit stuff. The environment, animals, other humans. Sometimes this is great, like being able to exploit physics to provide clean nuclear energy to the masses, but usually these new advantages go dark before they go light. Um… nuclear bombs?

Every advantage I can think of was bad before it was good… except for gunpowder, ironically. Initially that was just for fireworks, until Europeans realized the missed opportunity to weaponize it.

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