Procrastinating Boogeymen: How Everything I Don’t Know Holds Me Back


I used to play the trumpet as a kid, and I miss the feeling that comes from creating music. I harbor a little fascination for the harmonica and added “learn to play harmonica” to my list of goals a few years ago. That goal finally bubbled to the surface last year but I never “got around” to acting on it. I resolved to make it happen this year, though I didn’t know where to begin. Then the universe literally gave me a sign. Someone posted “HARMONICA LESSONS” fliers on all the lamp posts in my neighborhood. Thanks universe!  I dutifully tore off a tab with the instructor’s phone number and stuck it in my pocket.

It stayed in my pocket for 3 months. I would find it every other week or so and say, “Man, I should really get on this.” But I never did. This was something I genuinely wanted to do, but I wasn’t doing it. I had even promised it to myself as a reward for finishing up the marketing class I was teaching.

Why was I dragging my feet?

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